Just an extremely minor update about the Cubeduino.

So, while I was fixing my few custom-made KiCad libraries before uploading them, I thought I should do a better Wings3D design of that silicon rubber button pad. It was one of my earlier designs after all. And since I made a more accurate one, I did, to my dismay, discover a slight error in my cubeduino design. While I did update (almost) all of the KiCad files at my last entry about that, the keypad more or less slipped away.

The error is not too big (after all it works), its only a little mechanical mis-alignment of one of the holes for the button pad’s protrusions / notches (or whatever one might call them) underneath. There are 4 under each 2×2 keypad, to keep it in place on the PCB. Well I misplaced one of them by 1 mm.. (the hole itself is 3mm in diameter). Why I did not notice earlier I don’t know. Come to think about it, they are a bit awkward getting into place. I may have found the reason. You can see the notches I’m talking about between the black rings in the rendered picture below.

Anyway, that is now finally taken care of (in the design at least)!

I updated the july 2010 post’s links, so I see no reason to repeat it here. While I was at it I also finetuned the schematics a bit (again). No functional change, just making it look better, more symmetrical and stuff.

Only thing left now is to get those dome nuts in place. Oh, and maybe improve that firmware somewhat..

– raron


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