Finally updated RL-DAC after a while.

Although completely useless because of it’s very narrow use. Consider yourself warned 😛 Still, if fiddling with resistor ladder DAC’s your thing (it’s actually not mine), I suppose it might be of some limited use. Beware it also can be somewhat quirky, and it does take a few seconds to start from within the Processing environment (I use processing 1.5.1 running on a dual-core AMD64x2, 2.5 GHz thing with 4 GB RAM, that about covers it I think).

A screenshot:
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Main features

  • Basically made to ‘experiment theoretically’ a bit (no pun intended) with resistor-only DAC’s in binary and trinary.
    • R-2R type ladders
    • Weighted resistors (binary or trinary weighted).
  • DAC output shown as the big blue diagram bars in the center of the window
  • Free resistor values or E-series preferred values (E3 through E192)
    • Color coded resistors!
  • Resistor tolerance settings to test tolerance noise
  • Resistor topology divided in groups of resistors
    • Each group of resistors can be set by a group function, or individually with sliders next to them.
    • Lacking a function parser, new functions need to be edited in the source…

Also see comments in the source code for (much) more…

Download links:

RL-DAC 1.50

Alternate download link on my google code page.

To boldly go where no resistor ladder DAC has gone before

Until next time,

– raron