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This will be a very, very short post. I found out there is a few things in my google code page I don’t have a “blahg” entry for, my old ClickButton library for the Arduino is one of them.

Basically, I was annoyed by some of my formerly named variables and some minor stuff (hello, OCD?). That, and also someone asked a question about it so I took another look at it. Above all it is untested, for now, so feel free to report back any problems. Or go back to the previous version.

It still just copes with one button, but I included a simple example using an array of ClickButton objects for more buttons.

It features basically two types of button clicks; short and long clicks, and can test for click-and-hold. Button logic does not matter (active low or active high buttons).

I removed the maxPresses (max click count) limit, it seemed unnecessary.

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Morse endecoder

Morse EnDecoder



This is just a little writeup about a Morse code encoder and decoder I made for the Arduino platform. I spotted someone asking for one at the Arduino forum in november 2010, even offering a reward, but alas I was too late for that. No matter, for reasons unknown to me (I’m actually not that into Morse) this is one of many small projects I have been meaning to get around to, but lacking impetus I hadn’t yet done (as with many others). And besides, I would’nt really sell “my” morse decoder anyway. So I gave it away 🙂

Here is the project page on google code, with description of how to use it in your own programs:

What follows is basically just a little explanation as to how it works. Continue reading