First, I haven’t really blogged before, so this blog is also (hopefully) a work in progress. It will probably look really bad. For starters I have no idea why it is so narrow! Sorry about that!

Also, I absolutely wanted an offline editor on my Linux box for the blog. For the moment that is Bleezer (link at bottom). Doesn’t seem to be supported anymore, but that’s the one I got working-ish. The point about this is that every time I update this blog, the comments disappears… sorry about that too. And I will try not to update it via Bleezer if and when comments appear (Sorry to my brother who has supplied me with a couple of nice comments already!).



This is about an electronic Rubik’s cube like display thing I’ve made. Except it’s not completely finished yet, but for now I do have a working Rubik’s Revenge (as the Rubik’s cube 4 x 4 x 4 is called) on it. It is based on the Arduino platform using an Atmega 328 microcontroller, lots of RGB LEDs and shiftregisters. I have dabbled a little in electronics and programming from time to time throughout the years, but very periodically.
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